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Tuesday, 6 November 2012 @ 23:08
Assalamualaikumm and Hello Earthlings :)
So, Hey! I'm back to blogging. I wanted to update for a long time already. But I didn't have an idea of what to update. I might as well keep quiet and find ideas. Now, we're in November. My birthday had passed. So, I'm fourteen years old now. Alhamdulillah. I've got many type of chocolates. Thankyou guys for giving me the chocolates ♥ Today, I want to tell you a lot of stories. There's about my friends, my holiday, my Superboy. *fail malay* Hekhek. My Superboy? No. Just a few things. Today is 7 November right? We have been together for a 4 months. Yes, 4 months already. I love him so much. I hope our relationship remains. One things that he have to know, I miss him. I miss how close we used to be, I miss how much we used to talk, I miss how much you used to care, I miss how much I used to see you. I miss all about you, dear. Please, don't fool me again :')
  Here I tell you about my holiday. School holidays have already started. Really amazing. I can spend more time with my family. But, I don't know what to do when I'm staying at home. Out with friends? My mom doesn't allow. So sad, right? It's okay. My Superboy says 'Tak dapat hang out, pergi playground depan rumah pun jadi lah.' Okay babe :*
  Now, my beloved classmates ♥ Syera, Maisarah, Chika and also Nurin ♥ The best classmates I ever had. They were very awesome. Everyday, we laugh and laugh and laugh. There are a lot of funny things with them. I love them so much. I hope in the next year, I'll begin a wonderful day with them. I hope too that we'll not be split in the next year :*
  So, that's my story. Next time, I'll post again. Miss you all ♥ 
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